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EPK (Emergency Preparedness Knife)

The EPK is a unique addition to the Bark River Knives line. It is the smallest Bark River Knife in the regular line-up.

It is a great knife to use as a backup or as an everyday carry knife. The EPK was designed to fit into the Otter Box 1000 or any other small container for compact storage. It also makes a great pocket carry knife.

The ability to go in an Otter Box 1000 or similar sized container makes it perfect for a very compact survival kit that can fit in the glove box of your car, back pack or even a large pant pocket.

Developing a knife of this size presented a challenge. It had to be able to fit in a small container while in a sheath yet be able to stand up to uses that are usually not intended for a knife of this size so it had to have enough blade thickness (.145”) to be used roughly and enough blade geometry to still be an excellent cutter. CPM154 steel was chosen because of its toughness, edge holding and its level of corrosion resistance. It is a really well made and dependable little two finger knife.

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